What Is Matt Rosendale Up To?

By Montana Street Fighter, on August 12, 2013 | 6 Comments

Baltimore native Matt Rosendale is up to something.   For months, the Montana State Senator has been saying that he might run for the U.S. Senate or the U.S. House.  In the end, it really comes down to what Congressman Daines decides to do and Rosendale has admitted as much.

Matt Rosendale1

Last week, Rosendale launched one of the most politically tone-deaf Facebook Ad campaigns of the cycle, which is becoming par for the course for Republicans.  The ads ask Facebook users if they support “Obamacare.”  “Choose liberty of big government!” read the ads which direct users to MattForMontana.com.

Rosendale’s play pokies online website features a “Matt Rosendale for Montana” logo and a poll allowing visitors to choose between, funding, defunding, opting-out, and repealing Obamacare.  In order to vote you have to provide your email address and zip code, of course.

Matt Rosendale2

Why do Republicans like Matt Rosendale and Corey Stapleton keep calling for the repeal of Obamacare?  Rehberg failed miserably using that message in 2012 – what has changed?  Additionally, Americans are sick and tired of the do-nothing GOP majority in Washington, D.C. voting 40 times to defund/repeal Obamacare.

Out. Of. Touch.

Best of luck, Rosendale.  You’re gunna need it.


  1. Yes, I took his poll, I voted to FUND it. I wonder if my opinion will be deleted in his statistics. I found it interesting that his site ONLY allows me to vote in his worthless poll, but not to comment, and not to reach him. I’d like to give him a piece of MY mind, and tell him to stop fooling around with the LAW. It’s the law, fund it, quit wasting money trying to repeal it or defund it. With all the money Congress has wasted, we could have build new highways for Texas, who doesn’t seem to have enough money for infrastructure, but plenty of money to call for special sessions to bash their female population.

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  3. You’re gunna need it? work on spelling. Also do you really understand the Affordable Care Act? I’ve been a tracker for some time and this one is too complicated for the average citizen to digest. Damned if we do damned if we don’t like it, and you criticize Congress for listening to their constituents when nobody knows what were quarreling about?

  4. Susan, you said to stop fooling around because it’s the LAW. Well, you might want to pass that message along to the Dalai Bama. He seems to be very adept at picking and choosing which portions are delayed and which are enforced. When over 60% of the voting population is against a particular piece of proposed legislation, don’t you think those voting on it should take notice?
    Or maybe, “We have to pass it to find out what’s in it…”-N.Pelosi

  5. Am I the only Montana resident that finds it completely irresponsible that this Maryland native would shoot a drone out of the sky?? What is wrong with people? I guess a vote for Matt Rosendale says “Go ahead and shoot anything you want out of the sky! Get your gun out and shoot recklessly into the air! I do!” How ridiculous is this guy and WHY would you vote for that? Come on… and by the way, Matt, our state capital is Helena – not HALANA

  6. what Country di you grow up in?? You do not find it odd that we are being spied on, threatened…some even killed by OUT OF CONTROL government agencies???!!! Does not matter WHERE Matt hails from….he is awake and aware and moved to a State that is supposed to CARE about privacy and Freedom. Let’s see…you could move to New York and be right at home!!!!

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