Sixth Republican To Enter U.S. House Primary?

By Montana Street Fighter, on December 6, 2013 | 2 Comments

For months, rumors have swirled that Montana State Senator Elsie Arntzen will announce a bid for the U.S. House.  If Arntzen (R-Billings) jumped into the race, she would be the sixth Republican to enter the primary.  Last night, State Representative Mike Miller added to the speculation with the following Tweet:

Arntzen is an anti-choice Republican who supports defunding Planned Parenthood, opposes unemployment benefits, opposes infrastructure investments (you know – things like highways and roads, and – even though she is an educator – opposes investing in our public schools.

As the Republican primary becomes more crowded, it becomes more difficult to pinpoint a frontrunner.


  1. This lady is a hack, for the Republicans to take that seat they are going to have to avoid this messy primary they are setting themselves up for, Yikes. So far the only candidate with a substantial amount of fundraising is Matt Rosendale at 332K followed by a far distant Stapleton and Zinke both under 100k$

  2. Elsie Arntzen listened to my voice from Deer Lodge when she was a Senator from Billings. She will listen to your voice when she is in Washington

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