Republican Establishment Produces Damning Evidence

Republicans admit they are ALEC's puppets

By Montana Street Fighter, on March 19, 2013 | 1 Comment

The GOP’s Growth and Opportunity Project report confirms what many of us already know: Republicans love ALEC and they’re not afraid to say it.

Montana Street Fighter was the first to report on ALEC’s free lunch for Montana legislators, which was attended by two-dozen Montana Republicans – not an insignificant chunk of the GOP caucus.

The Missoula Independent followed-up with an in-depth expose on how Montana Republicans are nothing more than puppets for ALEC’s far-right agenda.

The Independent writes, “ALEC was founded in 1973… Today, the national nonprofit has become the target of increased skepticism by watchdog groups and the media, who have successfully tied ALEC to notable corporate interests including Koch Industries, led by controversial billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch… And Montana has seen its fair share of ALEC legislation, peddled exclusively by lawmakers on the right.”

Much of the Republican caucus in Montana has received significant financial backing from ALEC.  Jeff Essmann, a possible candidate for U.S. Senate, is among the many Republicans who have received ALEC “Scholarships,” which are essentially all-inclusive vacations for state legislators.

The Independent reports that some Montana Republicans are trying to distance themselves from ALEC (publicly, at least), but that certainly isn’t the case for the GOP as a whole.

In the Republican’s Growth and Opportunity Project report, which was released over the weekend, the GOP establishment openly and brazenly embraces ALEC.  From page 67 and 96 of the report:

Excerpt from Growth and Oppurtunity Project

Excerpt from Growth and Oppurtunity Project

This section of the report falls under Recommendations and under Review and Revise State Campaign Finance Laws and Regulations.  The second is certainly more damning given the fact that ALEC supports removing almost all regulations on campaign spending.

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  1. Is this really surprising anyone? It shouldn’t. What’s surprising is how far ALEC has come. They’re now in the GOP’s official handbook. It’s sickoning. The GOP is the party of the Koch brothers now!

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