Republican Mocks Single Mothers, Tells His Tenants To Die ASAP

This is not an April fools joke

By Montana Street Fighter, on April 5, 2013 | 58 Comments

This guy...

Rep. Hagstrom

Need more evidence that Republicans in the Montana House of Representatives are total whack jobs?  Read this letter in which a House Republican mocks single mothers and hungry kids and tells his tenants they should die sooner.

This month, Dave Hagstrom (R-Billings) sent his tenants one of the most bizarre and distrubing letters you might ever read.  Hagstrom works for the Affordable Housing Development in Billings.

In a lengthy letter (that is very much worth reading and can be found HERE), Hagstrom tells his tenants – you know, the people who pay him rent every month – that they are living “a fairly-tale life-style.” What “fairly-tale” means remains a mystery.  Maybe Hagstrom meant to write “fairy-tale.”

The letter then gets extremely bizarre and mildly creepy when Hagstrom writes, “I feel it would not be loving of me not warn you about” the impending social crises facing Montana.

Hagstom contends that the root of all our problems “is a very bad practice” of providing “free healthcare services at Riverstone Health, more money for food in schools for the kids, more money to help pregnant single moms stop smoking, more money to help elderly people get out of nursing homes and get individualized care in their own homes, etc.”

If that weren’t enough, the Representative from Billings goes on to mock single mothers.  The government “creates a mindset that if I have kids and their dads are dead-beats, the government should buy my groceries and help me get a job while they provide day-care for my kids and send me to school to educate me so I can get a better job.”

You literally can’t make this stuff up.  For good measure, Hagstrom also mocks school programs that feed hungry kids.

In Hagstrom’s closing, he makes five recommendations to his tenants.  The first is the most notable and disturbing.  He recommends that “you accept that not everyone, including yourself, needs to live as long as they currently do, or as ‘comfortably’ as they currently do.”

That’s right.  Go and die as soon as possible.

UPDATE: Hagstrom was also one of three legislators to vote against assisting veterans returning home with affordable housing.  This from the man who works for the Affordable Housing Development in Billings.

UPDATE 2: The Helena Vigilante has now picked up the story.


  1. No words can discribe how disgusting this man is. How disconnected can you be? He was probably one of the republicans that laughed when there was a reference that children have to live in a car and then go to school on the House Floor. He is NOT representing his constituents or tenants for that matter, I also would like to know how much the Federal Government is giving him to rent out to low income families…

  2. He works for a govt-funded agency? How do we get him fired since he obviously doesn’t want to receive tax dollars for hours income either!

  3. What a complete asshole. For real. It’s disgusting. He’s also an awful writer. I can’t believe this ass is writing law in Montana. Yikes!

  4. PAthetic man that has not idea what is like to be a woman.

  5. Rep. Hagstrom’s letter is superb. All of you should be quite ashamed of the word’s you’re putting in his mouth. It’s unconscionable. Really unconscionable.

  6. Read the article people… it is a warning of what may happen- which is actually true. Gman is right on!

  7. You whack jobs have to be kidding, right?

  8. So, this article totally takes everything he said out of context. What he is saying is true!

  9. What a despicable tiny little man.
    One year of work and we can vote the bums out. If we all volunteer 1 or 2 hours a week this year we can and will vote the bums out in November. The time for action is now. Get excited!

  10. People wake up! There are individuals who put money before your life. Your children’s life. Your neighbors life. The cloak of religion, party and patriotism hide the true power hunger. Your fodder for their bank account.

  11. You guys know he didn’t say to die, right?

    He said we can’t live like we’re living.

  12. God damn piece of shit. You live in a world of fear, prejudice and fairly tales. The problem is the religious right are pulling us all down to their world of bat shittery “beliefs”. Self fulfilling prophecies.

  13. What I see here is a little man, a petty man who’s soul is rotten. I can understand certain points of his diatribe, but by and large he seems unstable. Let’s take away some of his money and see what his reaction might be. He’s obviously never been in the military, and his not wanting to help vets is (in my opinion) reason enough to vote his worthless self out of office. Jack Flash is right- All this wretch is concerned about is padding his bank account, and his tenants and constituents are fodder for his grubbing. This country needs more black sheep, non conformist people who will stand up to rhetoric like this and knock it and it’s ideals down!!

  14. Dennis April 7th, 2013 at 12:15 am:
    “You guys know he didn’t say to die, right?”

    “you accept that not everyone, including yourself, needs to live as long as they currently do…”

    Your reading comprehension leaves much to be desired, Dennis.

  15. Well…I am very glad that I actually had the opportunity to read the WHOLE letter, not just someone’s heavily redacted and biased interpretation. Dave is expressing thoughts that many of us, including I think many people here who have negatively gone after the “interpretation” offered here, might agree with. Our dependence on government assistance and willful acceptance of its intrusion in our lives has put all of us at risk, perhaps most especially the neediest of us. THAT is the essence of the thoughts in this letter. Assuming that continuing to throw money at our problems will solve them is nothing more, in my view, than an abdication of our personal responsibility to help people. Dave Hagstrom has spent his entire life meeting that responsibility in his own life and has earned the right to offer not only solutions but criticism as well. We should be thankful for his honesty and spent some time giving some thoughtful consideration to it, instead of reacting in a knee jerk fashion.

  16. Where do you psychopaths come from?

  17. That letter was nowhere NEAR as bad as you made it out to be. I agree with some stuff he said (not all of it of course, but some). And it was a very well written letter, unlike this article.

  18. The letter communicates with his target audience, so in that sense it was successful. The truth is, though, that the best way to counter the claims Hagstrom is making is to get really, really specific with him. So if we spoke in concrete terms about what people are receiving from any level of government it would become crystal clear that 1) no one you know who is not engaged in weapons manufacture is living extravagantly on the public dole — he should be forced to provide specific amounts per month received from any particular benefit by the average beneficiary; he won’t do that because it would become clear that those he is disparaging are living on the edge; 2) the real problem is that there are very few jobs available to working class folks with high school educations that pay a living wage. That is my response to Hagstrom’s entire parade of horribles. But I think it is a mistake to simply dismiss his arguments as ridiculous. He is not crazy and he is not cartoonishly evil. The claims need to be taken on concretely at every turn, and it is hard work.

  19. It appears that he is speaking to his tenants as if they are on assistance, does this mean he owns a tax credit property? If that is true, then he’s suckling off the government just as much, if not more, than his tenants are.

    A letter to the Billings Gazette would have been more appropriate. At least then there would have been a chance for a rebuttal instead of his opinions seeming coercive and the letter itself would be subject to fact checking.

  20. Cutting the gov. budget by exactly his salary would then free him up to go work for Lush Flapjaw……….or Fawn Vannity

  21. Even more depressing than Hagstrom’s insulting, patronizing letter would be the people who defend the contents. Just one example of the disconnect: instead of putting your Alzheimer’s afflicted granny in a nursing home at some level of government expense, you’re supposed to take her into your own home. But you’re also supposed to stop being a dead-beat and “get a job.” So who takes care of granny while both spouses work (since one income is no longer adequate)? And don’t forget – it’s “wrong” to expect a care-giver to come in while you’re earning a living. He said so. No… you’re supposed to leave her in the nursing home at government expense. Or not. Circular, looping madness from a sanctimonious, judgmental arse.

  22. I wonder if Rep. Hagstrom passed high school English class? His use of “effect” instead of “affect,” “loose” instead of “lose,” etc., indicate a less than stellar education.

  23. As vile as this letter is, I have a hard time believing that a congressman would actually write this. Not because of the sentiment, but rather because it is rife with errors, both grammatical and spelling.

    Please check sources. I think someone is pulling your leg.

  24. I bet ya he loves corporations who pay nothing. A country that is already lost to greed and profit. There is no shame that minimum wage paid today was not good 15 years ago. As a matter of fact, it is so pathetic, anyone who thinks it is ok, is a corporate thief. The minimum wage has only gone up 12 cents a year since around 1978, and to compare people who just went through the worst recession in 80 years as moochers while the facts and proof don’t add up. The welfare has gone up for years in the form of tax breaks, and writing a tax code that says they pay the highest tax rate, but the bottom rate is one of the lowest. The John Birch Society is leading the way to destruction. And has since the 1960′s. I lived on minimum wage in the beginning of 1978. I had bought a brand new 1975 Ford Pinto, rented an apartment, paid utilities, went to Bingo, and partied once in a while. By the end of 1978 I was making almost 10 bucks an hour, and gas was 61 cents a gallon. The rich are bringing the country DOWN, LAUGHING ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK.

  25. He does realize he’s on government welfare (work fare). That is what pisses me off the most is when politicians who are on a direct form of welfare forget that when they talk about people on social programs.

  26. Well the appalling English aside, the tone is paternalistic and insulting. If he was a British politician he’d probably be crucified by the press and forced out of office by his own party. Sadly it seems all too typical for the rhetoric coming out of the GOP lately, they seem to be like lemmings rushing over a cliff. They’re the Democrats secret weapon I suspect. You’ve got anti women, anti gay, pro ‘arm everyone’ and let’s bomb Iran bile spewing out of their mouths. At this rate you’ll be a one party country in no time. Women do vote, they do have brains and they do have free will, perhaps the GOP might want to take that into consideration.

  27. I agree that he should have had his letter edited. That aside, I agree that people should be weaned off the government. The government cannot support everyone. I do not think it said anywhere to die ASAP. People need to work for a living and contribute to our society. People should not have children unless they can support them. I am a woman and believe this wholeheartedly.

  28. If this letter is true iot is disgusting. He is hateful and does not represent the people. I hate to tell you but our government is there to help us out, that’s just the way it is. If I got taxed a couple of hundred of dollars and I knew it was going to help some less fortunate than than myself, I am all for it. We need to help one another. THe churches are sure not stepping up like they should, but then the millions the big churches make goes into the hands of the few.

  29. Asinine!

    I’m from Ohio and I know this mentality that your Rep in Montana is showing is totally out of sync with reality. How dare he say those things about single mothers when his party doesn’t want to provide comprehensive human sexuality courses in school. How dare he dog the mothers and fathers who are teens who find themselves in a world of hurt, unable to care for their child, and then say “tough luck” if they seek ways of making things work for all around. How dare he talks about all of us suffering together when he’s living up the high hog of the land at the expense of the voters by allowing the upper class to get away with murder with little to no taxes paid to help fund the programs needed.

    He is so detached from reality in his glass bubble that he, along with all the other states caught up in this insanity, wouldn’t bother touching or seeing the human cost on the ground himself because the reality would confound his “conclusions”.

    What a sad, delusional set of values he’s espousing.

  30. It amazes me that in this country we have such ignorance! I pray this small man AND those of you agreeing with him NEVER FALL ON HARD TIMES! the Freedom of Speech allows those of you with no Heart to show your IGnorance….Where’s GOD? & WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?

  31. He writes, “it is your responsibility to be healthy by…eating cleaner, cheaper, healthier food than you have been.”
    Sounds like a paradox in terms. Cleaner, ‘healthier’ food is not usually cheaper than the bad stuff. Has he seen the price of organics? Has he seen the price of angus beef? But you gotta love how he ‘cares’ for his tenants.

  32. Dave Hagstrom needs to come out of the closet.

  33. I read the whole letter because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing here. While Hagstrom represents the quintessential American belief that we need to take care of ourselves and our families and not rely on the government for our needs, his letter is also heavily flavored with Republican Jesus sentiments: Don’t reward the sick, the poor, the elderly, or children or especially single moms by making sure they have enough to eat.

    All in all, my opinion is that this guy is a swine.

  34. And the irony is that he makes his living off the poor. Classic welfare pimp. If the poor went away, he’d actually have to get a job.

  35. In his letter, he says,”The root, or foundation ofthe problem and you may be aware ofthiS, is that as a nation we have been living beyond our means. That is, we have been spending moneythat is not real, it is merely printed money, and this practice has created for us a fife-style that is not real. You have heard about the national debt and the national deficit, and this is what I am talking about.” And he’s right, but he doesn’t go on to say that much of the deficit is caused by the richest people hiding money in off shore accounts so they don’t have to pay taxes (in the trillions) and that the federal reserve is the entity that sells us the printed money with interest to keep us enslaved.

  36. We should make politician positions unpaid. Then only those who want to serve and can afford to work (another job) while serving can afford to be a politician. We pay politicians way too much money, they have become the self-entitled corrupt element in our country. Too many are expressing the concept that welfare and unemployment are bankrupting the country, when in fact by far the politicians are getting paid way more than the work they put into their role as a politician is worth.

  37. Surely this must be a joke? As a doc I cant believe anyone would write the stuff about premature babies! Why not just take them to the dump like they did in China in the bad old days. Where they could keep your sick granny company of course

    Please can we have some sort of confirmation? and if its real it will hit the twittersphere with a vengeance

  38. they elected him.. let them not elect him next time. if people hire people like this how can any one help them? stop voting for these nutjobs.. really. vote for someone else.. what else is the answer?

  39. And the Fed printed money to bail out the banks–but why let facts stand in Dave’s way?

    Hey Dave, get off the government dole.

  40. “If you’re pre-born, you’re fine. If you’re pre-school, you’re screwed!” –George Carlin (paraphrased)

  41. The man is a dyed-in-the-wool fascist. Isn’t this illegal? It sounds like harassment to me.

  42. Did anybody see the date on the letter (April 1st)? Did anybody notice there was no letterhead or no indication from whom it came (header)? This is somebody’s poor attempt at an April Fool’s Day joke – and plenty of fools fell for it.

  43. After perusing the ACTUAL letter composed, I question whether it was truly written by a state House Representative
    as it appears written by a junior high student. Does the Montana legistaure not have secretaries to help them compose their own letters, without spelling errors ( ex: effect instead of affect) and grammatically sound structurally ? The overall content appears quite infantile, perhaps written as a prank? No self-respecting politician would send out something so downright unprofessional sounding, in my opinion.
    Otherwise, perhaps he was drunk or otherwise impaired when it went out? No one in their right mind would ramble or attempt to deliberately offend their constituents, would they? Otherwise, I’d have no alternative than to state that this man is SEVERELY mentally unstable.

  44. What a vile scum bag! Question: how did he ever get elected in the first place?? People who make hateful statements such as this should be immediately fired! Any other Normal job or company would have dismissed someone for making statements such as this.

    So what makes him any better that he gets to keep his Job?

  45. Why aren’t some of you people that are complaining about people “living on welfare” complain about the BIGGEST recipients of welfare, which would be Exxon-Mobil, Wall Street, and all the other multi-billion companies that have a gun to the government’s head if they don’t get their money? Can anyone justify WHY these companies need a handout of tax money from the government?

  46. I’m a appreciative Californian who sad to say, has never had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful state of Montana. Montana is the only state to stand against the Supreme Courts Citizens United decision. Americans who are willing to take a stand and fight for whats right. I don’t believe this guy will have much of a political future in Montana after this.

  47. Thomas ..Dennis Is A Complete Moron… Have to Look Over Him… ..Thomas Kent April 7th, 2013 at 5:14 am
    Dennis April 7th, 2013 at 12:15 am:
    “You guys know he didn’t say to die, right?”
    “you accept that not everyone, including yourself, needs to live as long as they currently do…”
    Your reading comprehension leaves much to be desired, Dennis.

  48. To those people who agreed with this condescending piece of trash, I accept that not everyone, including yourself, needs to live as long as they currently do.

    What an awful human being.

  49. An interesting letter when MrHagstrom’s own children have had experiences w/single parenthood. Further proof that Republicans are unfeeling, hypocritical, un-Christian & un-American.
    So, Dave, what did Jesus do? I will tell you what he did not do: did not judge, did not exclude, did not condemn. Jesus loved the poor, the ostracized, the marginalized and he forgave those that did not. So, Dave, you will be forgiven.

  50. I read the original letter and in no way shape or form is he “mocking” anyone. It is certain an odd letter to be sending your tenants, and you may not agree with his points about the printing of money to pay for programs, but what kind of partisan spin this is to call it mocking, or him wishing death to anyone. Total bs.

  51. I have not read this letter yet but….the point is that it was written. For those who believe it or not is irrelevant. this shows less than __ common decency….if anyone thinks that such foaming of the mouth by a Republican saying that his supports wouldn’t believe your right .. some followers would rather deny dacts and make excuses for morons the believe in. the truth is this country didn’t get this way on it’s own. those that choose profit over people will allways choose that way even over their own families they have no moral compass and they say one thing and do the opposite…WE THE PEOPLE…will clear this bacteria from our nations body by voting it out!

  52. This letter is true and real. It was given to the press by a single mother that received it in the mail from Hagstrom. Her name was taken off to preserve her fear of getting evicted by this insane man. This man need not run again, he should just bow out now and go hide before the facts truly come out about how he rents and builds Section 8 housing and receives federal money to do it, How he has made his living off from federal money that he states is just printed, how he has family members living off from Medicare…or how in the Mid 1990′s he was a church marriage councilor but was caught having an affair with his secretary .

    Mr Hagstrom does not represent any of the republicans that live in his district…Non of them are this bigoted or racist

    Vote anyone but Hagstrom in 2014!!!!

  53. Wow, “unconscionable”…Gman learned a grownup word today…can somebody now please tell him what it means…? And then teach him what punctuation is for, and how to use it…?

  54. Looks like prisons will flousish if Hagstrom gets his way…..on more printed money.


  55. Considering the date at the top of the letter, I have to ask…is this an April fools joke? If not what a condescending A-hole. Looks like he could use some of that “gov’t sponsored” education. His spelling sucks.

  56. Quick! Somebody put some LSD into his coffee and help this poor m&th:r f$ck!r! ASAP!!!

  57. Well, the letter is dated April 1. Perhaps it was an April fool’s day joke?

  58. This letter is very very very real.

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