Jason Priest Attacks Low-Income Women

Senator lead the charge to gut Title X funding from state budget

By Montana Street Fighter, on February 23, 2013 | 20 Comments

On Friday, a Montana House budget panel voted 4-2 to cut almost five million dollars from the state health budget.  The five million comes from federal family planning funds – specifically, Title X.

Title X pays for life saving health screenings for low-income women and girls across Montana.  Health care they would otherwise not receive.  Furthermore, it is illegal for Title X funds to be used for abortions, so there should be absolutely zero controversy on this issue.  However, Republicans, led by Senator Jason Priest, are on a mission to cripple and kill Planned Parenthood of Montana and they view the elimination of Title X funding as one of their most effective weapons in their vicious crusade.

The House panel twice rejected the proposal to gut federal funding from the state health budget, but with intense pressure from Senator Jason Priest, the motion was voted on for a third time and passed on Friday.

Jason Priest, center, in a Manhattan Prairie Dog performance

When he’s not stripping health care from thousands of low-income Montana women, Jason Priest, center, can be found at a Manhattan Prairie Dogs performance.

Senator Priest has a fiercely pro-life voting record and does not think Montana women are responsible enough to make decisions regarding their own bodies.

However, gutting Title X funding from the state budget goes a step further.  Senator Priest and his extremist allies in the legislature have put the well being of thousands of Montana women and girls in danger.  Low-income Montanans could now lack access to essential, life saving healthcare services like mammograms.


  1. Photoshopped?

  2. Fuck this dude. I’m so tired of this crap. Men dictating to women… Poor women… What they should do with their bodies is insanity. It’s so messed up. And no, I don’t think it’s photoshopped. It is ironic because Priest is very homophobic. Like I said, fuck ‘em.

  3. Hit the nail on the head. The Republicnas see Title X elimination as their first step towards making PP irrelevant (ie shutting it down). But Title x and PP aren’t about abortion… They’re about keeping vulnerable women safe and healthy. This is a selfish move by a selfish State Senator.. Oh and surprise surprise, that senator is a wealthy white man.

  4. Just to be clear, I didn’t call the meeting or put intense pressure on anyone on this vote. In fact, the House thought it was necessary to pass the budget and it was driven by them and some voting confusion on an earlier motion.

    If you remember, this happened in the 2011 session and was put back in at the end for a variety of reasons. We’ll see what happens this time.

    Anyway, when you are leftists going to stop throwing gays under the bus to attack Republicans (Mike Taylor, Roy Brown, and now me)? I would think you would appreciate that conservative Republicans like me are friends with gay people.

    I believe in equal rights, not special rights. Equal treatment, not disparate treatment. That said, I’m for traditional marriage but also for tolerance. We all have gays in our families.

    You’ve proved the point that politics matters more than policy and tolerance. I feel sorry for you, not me for having gay friends.

    You attacked gays, not me. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  5. First, Jason (if it really is you), I want to thank you for addressing the issue. Your fellow Republicans could learn a thing or two. That being said, you should be ashamed of what you have done to women in Montana. Also, you my say you vote the right way but you have said some horribly offensive things about gays… So don’t pretend to be a saint. I was highly offended by some o your past comments and what you did to your gay primary opponent. I don’t buy your “tolerance” argument for a split second and your disrespect for
    web just makes me sad.

  6. Are you freaking kidding me????!!! You’re so homophobic it’s not even funny, Priest!!! And you skirted attacking women, but since you’re playing the “custom card” I’m going to all bullshit. Look at your comment. It discrimination just veiled. It’s the same BS! You’ve said and had your stupid minions say so much anti gay crap that it makes me sick! Do not pull this BS you homophobic, anti women excuse for a public official!!! And you should be better to your friends and afford them equal rights, ass!!! Wake up

  7. Some Liberals may come to Priests defense but they shouldn’t. He’s a homophobic turd that doesn’t deserve their love or attention. He’s POS. anyone that defends him is also defending women being attacked. Pure and simple. Don’t be stupid.

  8. I guess it’s not photoshopped. Who cares? The importance is your vote on women’s healthcare, douche.

  9. “Tolerance” is code for “second class citizens” just like how you view women

  10. Missing the point kids Reliblicans are targeting women That’s what matters Women are under attack and there is zero wiggle room here Zero wiggle room Priest and his buddies will continue to target Montanan unless we hold them accountable Lets hold them accountable Oh and Priest is a total woman hater and homophobe Don and done Lets hold them accountable now He and his buddies

  11. Photo seems inflammatory.

  12. But Jason is taking women’s rights away from women, so why no the outfit, too? On second thought – it makes COMPLETE sense.

  13. Senator Priest is utilizing a great tool: the pivot. Don’t lose sight of what he and his extremist pals are doing to women in our state and moderates in thier party. Also, the Senator doesn’t address why cutting Title X funding is a good thing for anyone.

  14. I could care less about Priest’s desire to dress up in women’s cheerleading outfits, or his self proclaimed gay friendliness. He is a hypocrite on all fronts. He has made homophobic comments, and even had to apologize for them, as has the former leader of the MT Tea Party, which Priest aligns himself with. However he has consistently voted against providing healthcare coverage not just for low income women, but all Montanans. He has also consistently voted on energy bills that put MT at risk of exploitation by big energy and jeopardize our water, wilderness, and natural resources. He wants to rob the treasure state of our treasures. This is no surprise since he is the CEO of Medipent, an unscrupulous medical collections company which profits on excessive healthcare costs that people cannot pay, and Optimal Auctions, a company who’se clients are all big energy companies that profit off of manipulating energy costs. He is a master of disguise. Who is Jason Priest? Is he a straight guy who likes to dress up in women’s clothing and join Manhattan Prairie Dogs(MPD) a gay dance group in NY, is he a gay homophobe?, or is he just a wolf in sheep’s clothing elected to our senate to rob our state blind in order to profit his corporate interests and his big energy, big medicine/big pharm buddies. As I said during his election: He may be a priest, but he aint no saint. Will someone do a little investigational journalism, and expose this guy for what he is, A COMPLETE FRAUD

  15. SPOT ON, panpipe!

  16. “That said, I’m for traditional marriage but also for tolerance. We all have gays in our families.”

    How generous of you that you “tolerate” your gay “friends” and family members.
    They must be so thankful that you don’t want them to be able to marry the person they love and that you use them as a shield while supporting legislation limiting their rights.

  17. If Senator Priest loves his gay friends and family so much and doesn’t want them to be discriminated against but just doesn’t want to change the definition of marriage, where is his civil unions bill then?

    Yeah, that’s what I thought. No substance behind his empty words.

  18. If Planned Parenthood gets harmed it will directly affect me in a severe way. As a transgender woman there is very few resources for e in this state. No doctors understand me, no mental health people are trained to work with me, it is like a barren desert for trans folks up here. Without PP there would literally be no place for me to go for my hormone therapy. Or other health issues. Not to mention what destroying PP would do for women in general. I stand against this an and will vote against him in the future. I am sad that this man comes from my little town. My small town has a large LGBT community and it sickens me that Jason would stand against so many of his neighbors.

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  20. The priorities of these men are clear: women should both stay home and care for their children AND women should be financially responsible for everything, in spite of having had children and needing to care for them.

    If men could have children, the right to choose would be a sacrament.

    Rat bastard Priest is as evil as they come.

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