Does Steve Daines Support NSA Spying?

By Montana Street Fighter, on June 10, 2013 | 0 Comments

DainesMontanans have been outraged ever since news broke that the NSA has been secretly collecting every American’s cellphone, internet, and email records. However, Congressman Steve Daines has been noticeably silent on the issue.

Last week both Senator Tester and Senator Baucus condemned the NSA’s overreach.  KTVQ reports, “Montana Senators Max Baucus and Jon Tester are blasting the federal government for monitoring cell phone records of millions of Americans.” And “aucus says everyone wants to do their part to keep America safe, but that doesn’t give the government free reign to ignore civil liberties. Senator Tester says today’s news is Example A for what happens when we ignore the very Constitutional rights that make our nation great and respected around the world.

Both Senators have previously voted to end the FISA surveillance program which allows these types of monitoring programs.”

Montana has been called a “red state” and it’s been called a  “purple state.”  However, the simple truth is that Montanans are simply independent-minded people with strong libertarian leanings.  So, when it comes to the federal government spying on average Americans – well, that just doesn’t fly.  So, it’s odd that our freshman Representative has been so quiet on the issue.  IS he making the same mistake ex-lobbyist Dennis Rehberg made by embracing the PATRIOT Act with both arms?

Rehberg’s political fortunes suffered greatly in 2012 due to his support of the PATRIOT Act, spying on U.S. citizens, and the use of drones along our northern boarded.  Again, that just doesn’t fly in Big Sky Country.  Remember Schweitzer’s famous ad from 2008 where he sticks Federal ID cards to clay pigeons while shooting them out of the air?

This is simply one more example of Congressman Daines being out-of-touch with Montana – not to mention the constitution.

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