Daines Supporters Compare Mandela to Osama bin Laden, “Murderer”

By Montana Street Fighter, on December 6, 2013 | 5 Comments

As the world mourned the loss of former President Nelson Mandela, Congressman Daines took to Facebook to state his sympathies and condolences.  The TEA Partiers that make-up his base did not like that much and peppered the Congressman with angry comments.

 Congressman Steve Daines’ Facebook status:

Nelson Mandela was a courageous and selfless leader whose legacy of patience, perseverance and compassion transformed a country toward justice and peace and will serve as an inspiration for generations to come. I offer my prayers and condolences to the Mandela family and the people of South Africa as they mourn the loss of this great leader.

The result:

Mandela was labeled “a murderer of women and children” and a “communist.”  Daines was ridiculed and mocked by his supporters for riding a “politically correct high horse”.  One of Daines’ supporters wrote, “ok mandela is dead, and that affects us how? Do your goddamned job and start fixing this country” – the comment received a number of “Likes.”

Daines Comments 1

One individual went so far as to write that Mandela “deserves no more accolades than Osama bin Ladin.”

Daines Comments 2

Congressman Daines was endorsed by the TEA Party Express today.  These are the people who support him.


  1. They want their country back!
    But unfortunately, these sorry pathetic losers never had much of ANY thing to shout about!, even WHEN black folk were oppressed. All they got is hate and ignorance. NOT the best qualities for much of nuthin’! They simply hate the other to compensate for their own insecurities and insufficiencies!, which are legion! Can you say “losers”, boys and girls???


  2. Agree

  3. What are you objecting to? Mandela was “a murderer of women and children” and a “communist”. He was also a friend of Castro and Gadhafi, and an enemy of the USA. So why deify him?

  4. You’re disgusting, JohnC.

  5. Enemy of the USA? How so, jonny? Cause Reagan didn’t like him?


    Ya see, jonny, ONLY the Reepiggies in this country liked Apartheid. True story. He was NO “enemy of the United States”. That’s nonsense. But for the record, HOW was he your enemy?

    And for the record, bush and his dick cheney murdered WAY more innocent people in their oil wars than ANY South Afrian leaders. True story! SO, if you want to look for enemies, start with the Reepiggies!

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