Champ Edmunds And The Possible Civil War Within The GOP

By Montana Street Fighter, on February 8, 2013 | 4 Comments

GOP Primary Crowded

The Montana GOP could be in for a tough internal battle.

Today, Champ Edmunds sent out an email to “supporters.”  The email is interesting because of its incredibly aggressive tone, which appears to be aimed at the likes of Corey Stapleton.

Edmunds describes himself as “an authentic conservative” and claims that Karl Rove would prefer anyone but him as the candidate for U.S. Senate because Edmunds doesn’t fit the Rove mold.  According to Edmunds, the GOP is also “trying to suppress grass roots conservatives,”  like himself.

Edmunds’ email (which you can read below in its entirety) is significant for two reasons.  First, it comes on the heals of Corey Stapleton’s official announcement.  Champ is clearly aiming his message at Stapleton and other “unauthentic conservatives.”  Make no mistake, Stapleton is anything but a moderate –he’s just still not conservative enough for Edmunds and his fellow nut jobs.

Second, Edmunds is signaling that he plans to officially announce his plans to run for U.S. Senate any day (or right after the legislation session) and won’t back down in a primary, because he’s the “real” conservative.

The GOP could be looking at a TEA Party vs. Establishment primary, which has had disastrous results for the Party in other parts of the country.  Get ready for one nasty fight.

Dear Conservative,

You may have read that Karl Rove is trying to suppress grass roots conservatives in the next election cycle. But there’s good news! Here in Montana, we have a choice between a party establishment-backed candidate, and an authentic conservative.

My name is Champ Edmunds, and I would like to be your next U.S. Senator.

I have not officially announced because I am working on behalf of my constituents in the Montana House, but conservatives must start working now if we are going to win in 2014!

Today, the Washington Post called me ”very conservative across the board,” and said the party establishment would prefer a different candidate for U.S. Senate.

I bet they would! No way am I going to go along to get along. No way am I going to cave on issues like raising taxes. No way am I going to let the system change me.

That makes me the kind of candidate the establishment fears.

If you want to support a real conservative for U.S. Senate, please go and make the most generous donation you can. Even $5 will help. Together we can get Washington D.C. back to basics!

Then, go have a look at what the Washington Post said. They meant it as an insult, but I consider it very flattering. “Very conservative across the board” — that’s me.


Champ Edmunds

P.S. This Washington Post article just came out today! We have to respond immediately. Please go to and make any financial contribution that will fit within your budget.

P.S.S. Also, join me on facebook!


  1. Let the crazy battle begin. Like monkeys throwing shit at one anther.

  2. Id love to see the TEA Party crazies go after the party. Rove knows, now, how bad the TEA Party is for his dirty team and good for us. Here’s too a much longer battle with the party!

  3. From a totally impartial standpoint I don’t see haw the Rrpubs put a winning ticket against Max” Montana’s Seator”

  4. “P.S.S. Also, join me on facebook!”

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