Anti-Gay Senator Participates In Gay Comedy Troupe

Hypocritical State Senator attacks LGBT Montanans while performing in gay troupe

By Montana Street Fighter, on February 25, 2013 | 12 Comments

Jason Priest

Hypocritical State Senator (right) attacks LGBT Montanans while performing in gay troupe.

Montana Street Fighter recently wrote about Senator Jason Priest (R – Red Lodge) and his efforts to gut Title X funding from the Montana state health budget in an attempt to cripple and, eventually, eliminate Planned Parenthood of Montana. Senator Priest was apparently offended that anyone would have the audacity to point out that he was stripping life saving healthcare services from thousands of low-income Montanans.

On Sunday evening, Priest left a lengthy comment here on Montana Street Fighter.  The bulk of his comment did not address his attempts to defund Planned Parenthood and similar organizations.  Instead, Priest proclaimed that he was not a homophobe.

It’s safe to assume that Priest was responding to a photo of him posing with other members of a gay comedy troupe called the Manhattan Prairie Dogs.

Priest claims that he’s not a homophobe because he is “friends with gay people.”  That is the equivalent of saying, “I’m not racist – I have black friends.”

The truth is that Priest has a long and distressing record when it comes to homophobia.

Most Montanans became familiar with Priest’s abhorrent homophobia when he posted offensive slurs on Facebook.  While running for the Senate, Priest referred to economist John Keynes as “a big homo” and said that Democrats were giving Americans “the dry thumb.”

Priest later apologized.  However, many progressives viewed the apology as empty.  Matt Singer of Left in the West wrote, “Sorry, Jason, this doesn’t hack it as an apology. Sorry if anyone was offended? Be an adult. Take some responsibility.”

Kim Abbott of the Montana Human Rights Network responded to Priest’s comments by saying, “When someone who is running for elective office is using anti-gay slurs and questionable judgment about what they say in the public sphere—and I think we can all agree that new media is public—it’s problematic.”

During the last legislative session, Senator Priest earned a 13% on the Montana Human Rights Network’s legislative scorecard.  Priest supported legislation that was aimed specifically at protecting bigots while limiting LGBT rights.

More recently, as Montana Street Fighter reported, Priest helped pass a motion aimed at gutting Planned Parenthood of Montana.  Planned Parenthood is one of the only affordable health care centers that provides hormonal treatments for transgender clients.  In addition to providing essential services to the transgender community, Planned Parenthood offers health education, resources, and service referrals to the entire LGBT community.

When Priest attacks Planned Parenthood he is not only attacking women and girls, he is attacking LGBT Montanans.

Priest may be friends with members of the LGBT community, but he certainly does not respect them or see them as equals.  Simply being in a gay comedy troupe doesn’t mean you’re not anti-gay, as Priest would have you believe.

Jason Priest’s participation in a gay comedy troupe is important because it is the highest form of hypocrisy.  Priest is treated as an equal on stage, but refuses to extend even the most basic rights to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Montanans.



  1. I was completely unaware of those services PPMT provided. I wonder what his fellow performers thing?

  2. This guy gets worse and worse. I remember what he did to his opponent in the general election. Priest ran against a openly gay Democrat and smeared him to hell in back with homophobic attack and then he has the balls to take advantage of the gay community’s activities… screw this guy. It’s Jim Crow-ish mentailiyy

  3. Priest’s targets are not only women. They are anyone that isn’t a white male! He’s the Grand Old (white) Party. Duh! I could care less what Priest does on his own time, but his actions speak loudly. And I read his previous comment… it’s such veiled homophobia that it’s not even funny… He should be ashamed of himself and never participate in another lgbt event until he starts voting and acting VERY differently.

  4. This seems to happen a lot. Ever seen the movie “Outrage”? You should. Republicans constantly criticize and villanize gays in the public sphere but int he private sphere it’s a different story. Why not just support gays if you are friends with them? Hmm? I wouldn’t ever deny my “friends” their rights… not very friendly, eh?

  5. 13%?! I think the Governor of Arizona might score higher than ol’ Priest.

  6. Jason Priest is a psycho. He carries himself incredibly well. I’d even say he is charasmatic but it disguises his pure and unadulterated extremist right wing policy. Look at what he’s trying to do to moderates in his own party.

  7. WHY did this LGBT Troupe allow themselves to be USED by that A-Hole????

  8. Jason Priest: “I’m friends with gay people, I just don’t think they should have the same rights as everybody else.” Fixed.

  9. FYI, this photo is from October 2002. Jason has not been a member of the Prairie Dogs for many years.

  10. It would not suprise me at all if Mr. Priest were not in fact a closet case. He who doth protest too loudly usually needs his squiky wheel greased.

  11. Banks, Jason doesn’t actually play any instruments. He just keeps time to the music by tapping is foot. He is the official toe tapper of the group.

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